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~ RIBA 2019 Awards


Coal Drops Yard1.jpg

thursday 4th july 2019

The RIBA National Awards are given to buildings across the UK recognised as significant contributions to architecture. This year's winners, were announced on 27 June 2019 and selected from the RIBA Regional Award winners determined earlier in the year. 

In celebration of each success, the TEK team have chosen their #TEKten highlights and stand-out projects for you to browse below...

© Hufton + Crow

Battersea Arts Centr 1.jpg

1. Battersea Arts Centre

~ Haworth Tompkins

RIBA London Award 2019 + RIBA London Client of the Year Award 2019 + RIBA National Award 2019

Battersea Arts Centr 2.jpg
Battersea Arts Centr 3.jpg

©Fred Howarth

This beautiful building is the culmination of a 12 year restoration project of the Grade II* Listed building which was extended when a devastating fire destroyed its Grand Hall. The restoration has achieved an incredible balance between the old and new.

Coal Drops Yard 2.jpg

2. Coal Drops Yard

~ Heatherwick Studio

RIBA London Award 2019 and RIBA National Award 2019

This interesting industrial site has been reinvented to attract a new era of 'experiential retail'. Heatherwick Studio have re-invigorated a complex set of arches used for storing coal together with their associated marshalling yards into a characterful cobbled shared surface to be used by shoppers, office workers, residents and tourists.



Coal Drops Yard 3.jpg

© Hufton + Crow

Collective 2.jpg
Collective 3.jpg

© Susie Lowe

Collective 1.jpg

3. Collective on Calton Hill

~ Collective Architecture

RIAS Award 2019 and RIBA Award for Scotland 2019

Just look at those views... This project is the outcome of a shared vision from the outset. marks a fresh chapter in the history of the Observatory site and for the designers. Collective has positioned itself as a new kind of observatory, inviting the public to view the world around them through the lens of contemporary art.

Eleanor Palmer 1.jpg
Eleanor Palmer 2.jpg

4. Eleanor Palmer Science Lab

© Hufton + Crow

Eleanor Palmer 3.jpg

~ AY Architects

RIBA London Award 2019 and RIBA National Award 2019

One of our favourite projects on the list ~ this is Eleanor Palmer Science Lab , a learning environment that aims ‘to foster enquiring minds, curiosity and wonder in the world’ and AY Architects have hit the nail on the head. A carefully crafted, environmentally minded, sensitive addition to the local urban fabric.

Nithurst 1.jpg

5. Nithurst Farm

© Brotherton Lock

Nithurst .jpg

~ Adam Richards Architects

RIBA South East Award 2019, RIBA South East Building of the Year Award 2019 and RIBA National Award 2019

We wouldn't mind moving into this extraordinary family house poetically located in a secluded valley. Nithurst Farm occupies the site of a former modest farm house and today includes the remnants of a traditional farmyard with modern touches.

The Painted Hall 1.jpg

6. The Painted Hall

The Painted Hall 2.jpg
The Painted Hall 3.jpg

© James Brittain

~ Hugh Broughton Architects with Martin Ashley Architects

RIBA London Award 2019, RIBA London Conservation Award 2019 and RIBA National Award 2019

This inspirational project has restored and conserved Sir James Thornhills’ 3,700m² of paintings surfaces, amongst the most important Baroque interiors in Europe. This beautiful space is now top of our list to to visit next time we're in London.

Writ in Water 1.jpg

© Andrew Butler

Writ in Water 2.jpg

7. Writ in Water

~ Mark Wallinger with Studio Octopi

RIBA South East Award 2019 and RIBA National Award 2019

This amazing project is both a work of sculpture and a work of architecture, resulting in a unique collaboration between Artist, Architect and commissioning body, National Trust. Set in the flood plain of the Thames at Runnymede, the building is visible from some distance against the backdrop of lightly wooded hillside and marks the site of the signing of Magna Carta in 1215.

South London Gallery 1.jpg

8. South London Gallery Fire Station

~ 6a architects

RIBA London Award 2019 and RIBA National Award 2019

South London Gallery 2.jpg

© Johan Dehlin

One of our favourites ~ This conversion of an original 1867 fire station has reinvented the building, giving it a new lease of life as an art gallery and providing a variety of different spaces for community use. The space is now a inclusive community building that welcomes and engages a broad range of visitors with inviting, light-filled spaces and heavenly staircases. 

South London Gallery 3.jpg

© Dan Weill

The Queens Diamond 3.jpg
The Queens Diamond 2.jpg

9. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries

© Alan Williams

The Queens Diamond 1.jpg


RIBA London Award 2019 and RIBA National Award 2019

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries are the first major built addition to Westminster Abbey in more than 250 years. Created within the Triforium located seven storeys above the incredible abbey's nave, they not only provide space for display but the most show-stopping views of the interior.

North West Cambridge 2.jpg
North West Cambridge 1.jpg

10. North West Cambridge Utility Buildings

© Jack Hobhouse

~ Robin Lee Architecture

RIBA East Award 2019 and RIBA National Award 2019

This project was a simple brief but the outcome is anything but simple. Instead the architects chose to create the feel of being artworks in a sculpture park with a very limited palate of forms and materials in a beautifully detailed fashion, that explored each shape's proportion and geometry.