'Rum Runner Yard' is Gas Street Basin's first ever outdoor event space, situated within Regency Wharf. As part of our relationship with Picton, in 2017 TEK ran '6 Weekends of Summer Screenings' to test Rum Runner Yards potential as an events space creating a large variety of film and event posters that would begin to form a lasting visual identity for the location. We also ran the marketing for each and every event, involving social media, a variety of media outlets and creating a brand identity for the RRY space. 

creative direction


graphic design

print and digital

​Picton Property are the owners of Regency Wharf, home to restaurants, bars and Gas Street Basin's first ever outdoor event space 'Rum Runner Yard'. TEK studio were bought on board through our relationship with Gensler as part of the transformation package for Regency Wharf. During our first year, we worked alongside the landlords and management in creating an events programme in order to test the sites potential. The events were a success however they highlighted many amendments that will need to be carried out on the site so our relationship with Picton developed into TEK becoming creative direction consultants for the site transformation. We are currently developing the signage, landscaping and creative consumer engagement for the site in a means to make it a family orientated space with heritage and culture. Over the next year we are working closely with Picton and CS2 Chartered Surveyors and will be creating an events programme for 2019, which we will keep updated over the next year. Whilst consulting on Regency Wharf's creative direction and we have added artwork, painting, landscaping and lighting to the space as well as the branding of the outdoor event space Rum Runner Yard.