To really give October the send off it deserves and celebrate Halloween the right way, the TEK family decided to escape the studio and venture for a day trip ~ pumpkin picking!

As you may already be able to tell, this time of year has a special place in our heart but over the years we have also had the amazing opportunity to express that love through interior projects and seasonal decor dressing for clients of ours spaces. Fazeley Studios ~ the space where we had our very first studio space, it's previous owner was known for their successful Halloween parties, with several hundred attendees. TEK would dress and decorate the event space, completely transforming Fazeley into a spooky theme. Having recently moved studio into a much larger space, we thought we'd take the chance to decorate our own studio this year to celebrate Halloween so we jumped in the car and headed to our pumpkin supplier at Kenilworth, Pumpkins R Us. 

Pumpkins R Us is a family pumpkin farm, and one of the best places to go to find your perfect pumpkin this time of year. The variety is huge. Every type of pumpkin you can imagine, every shape, size and

tuesday 30th october


Pumpkin picking

colour. We were spoilt for choice but we soon filled up our trolley. Turns out we have a soft spot for the weird and wonderful pumpkins. Anything unusual, with a big stalk was coming back to the studio with us! 

Once we were back at the studio, we got to work staging the pumpkins and creating a mini set in the corner of our studio to get in the Halloween mood. We're huge fans of seasonal decor, and due to past projects for clients, take a huge pride in transforming spaces, including our own. Whether it's buying decorations or having a crafty afternoon and creating something of your own, in our new space we plan on encouraging more things like this, and would love (eventually) to hold masterclasses with local artisans to share tips and tricks whilst getting inspired and creative. 

At TEK, we're true believers of pausing the routine and getting creative in a way you don't normally express ~ now we've got our eye on you Christmas...