Our planet ~ in photographs

friday 29th march 2019

Here at TEK, we're passionate about the environment and preserving our beautiful Earth. As part of our more recent mission to use our platform to inspire others (and ourselves) to live as sustainably as possible ~ we have gathered a collection of beautiful images by incredible photographers that we believe capture or speak for the planet. Pop on a soothing Spotify playlist and immerse yourself in the following images...

Yuri Andries.jpg
Yuri Andries 2.jpg
Yuri Andries 3.jpg
Sam Youkilis 2.jpg
Sam Youkilis 3.jpg
Sam Youkilis 1.jpg
Ruairidh Mcglynn 2.jpg
Ruairidh Mcglynn.jpg
Ruairidh Mcglynn 3.jpg
Nich Hance McElroy 1.jpg
Nich Hance McElroy 2.jpg
Jonathan Schechner 3.jpg
Jonathan Schechner 1.jpg
Jonathan Schechner 2.jpg
Petros Koublis.jpg
Petros Koublis 3.jpg
Petros Koublis 2.jpg
Antonio Schubert 2.jpg
Antonio Schubert.jpg
Gustav Willeit 2.jpg
Gustav Willeit 3.jpg
Gustav Willeit.jpg
Ron Jude Lago 2.jpg
Ron Jude Lago 1.jpg
Ron Jude Lago 3.jpg