Netwatch Global are the experts in online investigation and social media intelligence. Specialising in providing powerful and actionable information, Netwatch were in need of a work space that would ensure practicality for both working and socialising. The aim of the project was to create a vibrant, and energetic studio space which differentiates between the work space and chill out area through the use of colour blocking. 

interior design

floor plans

build and install



graphic design

TEK worked on creating an inviting entrance space with custom built in lockers, as first impressions count. The work space concluded of linear hanging lights over the desk areas and colour block walls whilst the chill out space was soft and fun with bean bags, knitted pouffes and custom bench seating, separated by the carpet block design and a bright transparent room dividers. The space also welcomed an organised storage/recycling area and tuck shop area within the kitchen. A meeting hub was designed to inspire idea generation and create a more relaxed environment for mind mapping. The existing meeting room which Netwatch refer to as ‘The Shed’ was completed with a surveillance wall and a dog pen outside sectioned off with a picket fence and realistic artificial grass for their canine friends. es between the work space and chill out area through the use of colour blocking. The final outcome for Netwatch so far is an open, bright and fun environment, inviting employees to enjoy both their work and company but due to a growth in staff, in the near future TEK will be replacing all of their desks and adding some extra finishing touches.