International Womens Day ~


friday 8th march 2019

As a [currently] solely female studio ~ we felt like International Womens Day deserved a bigger celebration, so we took it a step further a dedicated an entire week to shouting about the amazing women who are inspiring us; past, present and future. From a variety of backgrounds, the following 7 women are names worth remembering...


Sheila O’Donnell

Kicking off our list had to be the newly appointed ‘Woman Architect of the Year 2019’ ~ Sheila O’Donnell, the eighth person to receive this award. The Irish architect is half of the O'Donnell & Tuomey partnership formed in 1988 who have a passion for designing thoughtful and inspiring buildings. Architecture is still an industry that is dominated by male presence but O'Donnell is changing the game and shaping the future of the emerging females of the sector. 

Sean O'Casey Community Centre ~ O'Donnell + Tuomey


Leta Sobierajski

This incredible female is non other than Leta Sobierajski ~ half the brains behind wife and husband (Wade Jeffree) duo. The designer and art director combines graphic design with photography, art and styling to create powerful visuals. Sobierajski is walking proof there's a place in the creative industry for having fun with your work, questioning the norm and flipping tradition on it's head.


You Are Going To Be Fine, ROW DTLA  ~ Leta Sobierajski


Charlotte Kidger

Every year, the TEK team attends London Design Festival and during the 2018 London Design Fair we stumbled across the work of a wonderful lady with an impressive sustainable ethos. London-based material designer ~ Charlotte Kidger created an entire furniture collection made from the industrial waste [polyurethane foam dust] and the outcome was show stopping. As a studio, and individuals we are passionate about protecting our environment, so we find Kidger's colourful creations refreshing and hopeful. 


Industrial Craft ~ Charlotte Kidger


Es Devlin OBE

It went without saying that this women HAD to make our list of inspiring females. Es Devin is a name most of you will [or should] already know but this artist and stage designer continuously pushes the boundaries to create art that simply no one else could dream of. Devin creates stage designs for some of the biggest names and performances around the world and has recently been appointed artistic director of London Design Biennale 2020. We can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve… 


XI Towers, BIG ~ Es Devlin


Söre Popitz

Söre Popitz ~ the only known female graphic designer of Bauhaus [1919-1933]. This lady is no exception. She studied and worked amongst some of the biggest male names in graphic design of the time and as a student at Bauhaus Popitz’s creativity was as powerful as her male peers but being a female in the sector back then was almost unheard of. You’re likely to have stumbled across Popitz work before but this time lets remember and celebrate her name and lasting impression on the graphic design sector. 

Bauhaus Söre Popitz

Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 14.10.40.png
Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 14.14.57.png

This wonderful interior designer is a name that we keep stumbling across ~ and we love it. Chiara Ce Rege first caught our attention after designing a list of amazing spaces for the ever expanding female co-working space The Wing. Her work screams femininity without being cliche whilst each and every space De Rege designs has an effortless combination of beauty and strength. Keep your eyes peeled, we know there's SO much more to come from this lady...


The Wing, NYC Chiara De Rege


The final female on our list is considerably younger than the others but is arguably making the biggest difference to the world at this moment in time. At just 15 years old ~ Greta Thunberg is a beautiful Swedish school girl who is tackling climate change head on. Thunsberg isn't taking excuses from world leaders and has fast become a prominent figure in fighting global warming, even inspiring young people across the world to take part in large scale school strikes to protest and make their voices heard. This girl gives us goosebumps ~ she is the future.