This incredible instillation is one by Cheng-Tsung Feng, known for his reinterpretation of bamboo craftsmanship. In this creation ‘Fish Trap House’ Feng in Taiwan showcases the beauty of ancient wisdom, bringing together his knowledge of an indigenous tribe ~ the Thao People and the curiosity of a community. 

The usual construction of a bamboo fishing trap would be to capture fish but in this case, the skill is embodied to capture people’s attention instead, and its definitely caught ours from across the globe. Intricately built, the Fish Trap House sits in the suitably glorious location of Sun Moon Lake, on the Ita Thao Pier, surrounded by striking scenery and mountains the spot captures the attention of modern tourists as well as the Taiwanese Aborigines ~ The Thao People. 

Passionate about traditional methods, Feng organised a workshop unlike any other. More than twenty members of the community gathered to learn the techniques involved in building a bamboo fish trap and applying these skills into creating a house where people could enjoy the beauty of Sun Moon Lake and it’s culture. The workshop educated those involved, using bamboo string, the group assembled the rib cage out of various pieces of bamboo.

wednesday 25th july 2018

A seat was installed within the centre with pendant lights hanging from above, a perfect spot to take in the views. 

The final construction, is an instillation which encourages community contemplation and appreciation of the craftmanship of times gone by. What an inspirational creation, dreamt up by an artists awe of tradition, built at the hands of many. Definitely one for the TEK bucket list. 

artist: Cheng-Tsung Feng

'Fish Trap House'