At TEK, we appreciate the importance of taking time out. Within the creative industry, we can be working on a constant flow of projects for such a long time that it's easy to get caught up in a routine and forget go and get inspired. There's nothing like escaping from the studio and taking the day to look at nature, art or anything that gets your creativity flowing, then returning to your projects with a fresh out look with exciting new ideas. 

We recently broke our routine and escaped to Daylesford Organic Farm, in Gloucestershire to get lost in the beauty of nature. The Daylesford story began 40 years ago when the family turned their farm into an organic sustainable farm, making it the first in Staffordshire and the Cotswolds. A simple passion for food and desire to feed their family, Dayelsford now exists as an ethos itself, still standing as one of the most organic and sustainable farms in the UK. The farm is driven with the goals to 'Inspire change, nurture nature, eat well, farm with integrity and feed the future". 

At Daylesford it's not just about food, it's a way of life. Every corner of the farm is beautifully designed and it was so easy for us to completely lose ourselves in their interiors. Natural materials 


thurssday 30th augutst 2018

and artisan techniques, the interior designers inside us were going crazy with fresh ideas. On site at Daylesford is the shop, cafe, restaurants, butcher, bakery, creamery, fishmonger, grocer, bookshop, homeware and garden shop as well as Bamford Haybarn Spa and Bamford Barn, so as you can imagine, every single one of your senses is inspired. 

You can purchase everything from fresh fruits and veg, to organic beauty products or incredible home furnishings at Daylesford but the TEK team left the farm with an eagerness to tackle our projects from a fresh perspective, something we all should treat our creative minds to every once in a while. 


Daylesford Organic Farm.