thursday 31st january, 2019 


Co~working spaces, worldwide.

In light of an exciting new #TEKinteriors project we are working on, for the first month of 2019 we have been delving into the wonderful world of co-working. This style of work space offers creative freelancers the opportunity to become a part of a community, observing, socialising and working along side others in their industry. In a well designed co-working space, your usual day at work can begin to feel more like a social movement, opening the door to endless inspiration. 

In our first Re-veil entry of 2019 we’re going to gather our top ten co-working spaces for creatives, world wide ~ in no particular order.

1. Fosbury & Sons  

   ~ Brussels


photography ~ Jeroen Verrecht.

Kicking off our list is Fosbury & Sons, an incredible space located within a concrete Constantin Brodzki modernist building. Design studio Going East transformed the 7,000+ square metres into a workspace that would feel more like a hotel or home than an office, accommodating up to 600 workers and 250 companies. 


The Wing ~ Brooklyn, NYC


2. The Wing  

   ~ USA

The Wing is a female-only co-working space that is rapidly expanding across America by Lauren Kassan and Audrey Gelman who based the community space on New York’s women’s club movement during the 19th and 20th century. The space, designed by Chiara De Rege includes open plan workspaces that are decorated like living rooms to create a timeless, engaging, fun yet professional space. 


3. Oficinas Guateque  

   ~ Mexico City

This former industrial factory is now a concrete co-working space in Mexico ~ Oficinas Guateque, created by Estudio Atemporal. The 722 square metre building is filled with custom-made furnishings, bright rugs and plenty of plants whilst the existing industrial structure is left exposed and celebrated. here is an open workshop vibe in the lower section of the space (where you can find the ping-pong tables!), as well as a beautiful mezzanine and an outdoor breakout space. 


4. Replica House

    ~ London

This Victorian church located in Islington, London was been beautifully transformed into a colourful co-working space Replica House by Surman Weston that also doubles as their own office. The space uses stained glass screens and panels to allude to the building's history as a place of worship, paired with the new modern furnishings.

photography ~ Wai Ming Ng.


5. Second Home

    ~ Lisbon

photography ~ Iwan Baan

This office space Second Home looks like our idea of plant heaven. One of the oldest food markets in Lisbon is now a plant ~ filled co-working space which strives to encourage collaboration and a sense of community with it’s 70metre long tables. The fresh food market is even still situated below the space, could this place tick any more boxes?!



Ampla House ~ Ghent, Belgium 

6. Ampla House

    ~ Ghent

Ampla House is situated within a former patrician’s residence alongside a canal that connects the river Leie to the canal Ghent-Bruges. The co-working space is the first urban collaborative office in the Flemish city and it has especially caught our eye for its homely and serene interiors designed by Valerie Vanermen who used unusual and rich hues to create the atmosphere.



photography ~ Teri Bocko 

7. WeWork Champs-Élysées

   ~ Paris

This vibrant and colourful space is located in the mythical and historical avenue of the Champs-Élysées, Paris. Designed by WeWork, the 4,500 square metre co-working space is a tribute to Haute-Couture and particularly to that of Yves Saint Laurent ~ every burst of colour, material and plant. Features include multiple communal rooms such as a ‘tea parlour’ or ‘library’, a wellness and meditation room, recording and podcast studio, screening room, terrace and an on site gym. Could you ask for more?!  



photography ~ BoysPlayNice

8. The Distillery

   ~ Brno

This striking co-working space was not so long ago a crumbling distillery until architecture studio Kogaa converted the building. The decision to leave the distillery’s unfinished walls, ageing ceiling beams and disused elevator shaft ensures the space keeps it’s character whilst being modernised with the new addition of minimalist furnishings. 



Nomad Workspace ~ Nørrebro, Copenhagen

9. Nomad Workspace

   ~ Copenhagen

Nomad Workspace, situated in in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen ~ invites individuals and teams who appreciate creativity, innovation and drive to share 1,500 square meters of professional workspace. The inclusive co-working space offers both open concept and secluded environments for members, allowing opportunities for collaboration or privacy. 


photography ~ Alexandra Ribar of Beauty Shoppe

10. Beauty Shoppe

   ~ Cleveland 

Beauty Shoppe is an agency who specialise in collaborative spaces and recently joined forces with a public cafe ~ Foyer cafe ~ in Cleveland, Ohio to create a co-working space which occupies the ground floor of he historic brick Seymour Building. The space encourages the community to meet and gather, also representing local makers and businesses throughout via their artwork, furnishings or greenery.