The TEK team have some big news to share, if you haven't heard already ~ we've MOVED! 

Up until now, we've been based in Birmingham's creative hub Digbeth, in a beautiful office on the top floor of a converted church. This space was TEK's first ever home and we truly made it our own. Every person who stepped foot into that space could feel the essence of TEK and it was space the entire team felt proud of. Digbeth is where TEK began, grew and blossomed but we can never let ourselves get too comfortable. We've been keeping an eye out for hot spots in Birmingham, where we're noticing exciting changes for our new home and one had been under our nose the entire time ~ The Jewellery Quarter. 

Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter is booming with creative businesses, now more than ever. It's a visually pleasing location, central to everything and with plenty of independent coffee shops to explore. The space we selected to further our journey is a 6th floor beauty with an incredible view of the city and all the potential to make it our very own

monday 12th november


TEK HQ Moves

To celebrate another chapter for TEK, we've decided to give you all a sneak peak of what to expect our new HQ to look like. Something we're very passionate about is sustainability and one of our goals moving forward is to approach each aspect of our move in a way that will lessen our impact on the environment. In relation to sustainability, we recently met up with Bolon ~ a Swedish company who use textile waste to create their cutting-edge vinyl flooring, to hear their incredible story and see some of their swoon worthy products. We're currently in process of extending our supplier list, highlighting those with sustainable properties and can't wait to meet with more companies like Bolon. 

The decision to move happened very quickly and due to our busy schedule for the rest of the year we only had a week to move everything we have accumulated in the space of a few days. We're now working on two other office projects for some lovely clients and after that ~ we can make space for our own.

Keep your eyes peeled over the upcoming months as we share sneak peaks to how the space is looking, as we transform this studio into the new TEK HQ.

space division


plants ~ lots of plants


large central table

wicker furnishings

wicker furnishings