#TEKten Jul Decorations

We recently said goodbye to Autumn and welcomed December with open arms, now the countdown for Christmas is officially on. As wonderful as Christmas Day is, one of our favourite times during the season has to be the exciting lead up involving the decoration the house and getting the tree up! We love it so much, we've decided to share our top ten Christmassy decorations of 2018...



friday 7th december 2018

These adorable glass decorations come in a pack of 3 and allow you to get crafty. Fill the frames with photographs, dried flowers and leaves or even feathers. A beautiful way to get personal with your tree this year. 

1 ~ Get personal


Where? Nkuku

What? Tiny Kiko Decorations ​[set of 3]

How much? £19.95

These sweet guys by Lovi have stolen our hearts. Perch them on your fireplace, balance them on your wreath or grab all three sizes and line them up on your shelf. Can you get more Christmassy than an elf on your shelf?

2 ~ Cute characters


3 ~ Stock it

Combining two of our all time favourite things ~ filling a stocking for loved ones and VELVET. These elegant stockings will transform the space in which they're hung but be careful, you'll be tempted to keep buying gifts just to keep filling more of them. 


Where? The Scandinavian Shop

What? Elf

How much? £6.50 ~ £12.95


Where? Ferm Living at Trouva

What? Velvet Christmas Stockings

How much? £54


Not one for all of the lights, baubles and tinsel? Go subtle with a winter themed piece of art for your walls by Form Us With Love for Paper Collective. Best thing is ~ you don't even have to take it down once it's all over.

4 ~ Be subtle


Where? Scandinavian Design Centre

What? 1:1 Pine Cone Poster

How much? £39


5 ~ Go real

Go for a real wreath this year with one our favourites Bloom Collective. Their incredible wreaths are individually made and filled with the most beautiful yet unusual seasonal materials ~ no two wreaths are the same. We know from experience how beautiful these are but they're in high demand so be quick in contacting Katy. 



Bloom also do wreath workshops throughout winter. 2018 sold out in a flash but consider this your heads up for 2019!

Where? Bloom Collective

What? Wreath

How much? £40


6 ~ For the tree

Go minimal on your tree this year with these beautifully Scandi paper decorations, available in only the deepest of elegant seasonal shades. 


Where? Nordstjerne

What? Paper decorations

How much? £6.50


7 ~ Display the crackers 

Although not technically a decoration, these are crackers you won't be rushing to pull open. Display these woodland characters on your dining table long before their time is up. We think they're adorable.


Where? Meri Meri

What? Woodland Crackers

How much? £23

8 ~ Ornamental

Go ornamental ~ but not in the typical way. These minimalist wooden tree ornaments by Forge Creative whisper Christmas rather than shout it. Each tree is selected at random, so it's a surprise which design you receive and if ordering multiple expect a complimenting mixture.


Where? Items of a Note by Forge Creative

What? Wooden Tree Ornaments

How much? £15


This wouldn't be a Christmas decoration list without an Ikea mention... This year we are swooning over the STRÅLA ring shaped lamp, a minimalists dream. 

9 ~ Light it up


Where? Ikea

What? STRÅLA LED pendant lamp

How much? £14 ~ £18


10 ~ Top it off

Stars are boring ~ top your tree off this year with... a Ferris wheel! At TEK we're all for finding the alternative and when we stumbled across this super cute tasselled topper we were SOLD. Try again in 2019 stars!


Where? Anthropologie

What? Tasselled Ferris Wheel Topper

How much? £38