One of the things at the forefront of TEK is sustainability. As individuals our team care about the environment and this is something that we strive to project into TEK as a brand.  

During our most recent visit to London Design Festival, we were delighted to see the growth in the sustainability market for interiors and the quality of the products these companies were offering. One in particular caught our eye during our trip to Design Junction, Oxo Tower ~ it was a small exhibit but the message was clear and poignant. Three glass boxes presented the life cycle of a combination of materials, from original scrapped form, to reinvented fibres using textile waste. We were intrigued and discovered the process exhibited in front our eyes was how this company made the incredible rug which we were standing on. The company was Bolon ~ design led innovators of cutting edge flooring and more, with sustainability at the forefront of everything they do. We swapped contacts and swooned over their products.

Fast forward to now, whilst reflecting on our studio move and a current office interior project, we decided to invite Bolon to our space to hear more and see their product range in the flesh, we expected to feel inspired and enjoy the quality of their products but the story behind the brand is what has really stuck with us.

friday 16th november



It all started in Stockholm, 1949 with Nils-Erik Eklund. Eklund sought after a camping mat that would not damage the ground beneath it and allow the grass to breath, using local vinyl waste he created rag rugs.

To date, Bolon is a third generation family business, currently run by Eklund's granddaughters. The company has elegant aged and always managed to remain innovators of the sustainable market. The products Bolon offer vary from flooring rolls, to tiles pieces and even the off cuts are turned into accessories to ensure there is absolutely no waste. Everything Bolon create and recycle takes place in Ulricehamn, Sweden minimising their carbon footprint and allowing them full control of the production process, from initial designs to finished product. 

"33% TODAY, 50% TOMORROW ~ Bolon are proud to currently offering flooring made up of 33% recycled materials but in the near future aim to push this percentage up to 50%. Even the upkeep of the flooring is green, as the cleaning of Bolon flooring requires no chemicals just water and a scrubbing brush. 

Bolon's ethos is truly inspiring and their product (somewhere in-between carpet and your usual flooring) just transforms any space, we can't wait to see more of their innovations in the near future.

"0% waste, 33% recycled, 100% committed"