For those of us who love plants

~ but can't seem to keep them alive.

friday 20th June 2019

If you know the TEK team, you know we LOVE plants. Our beautiful office is filled with greenery and the finishing touch in all of our interior projects has to be plants, even our homes are constantly welcoming new green additions. That being said, plants don't always last and recently we've had an increase in clients asking us for beautiful plants that will last forever.

Sometimes it's the lighting, sometimes it's busy schedules meaning they don't get watered (or too many people watering them leads to overwatering), sometimes it's the temperature and sometimes it's just bad luck. Busy environments such as offices benefit from greenery but they're sometimes the hardest places for plants to survive ~ our solution? Artificial plants!

We realise that fake plants have a bit of a bad rep and so we thought we'd share our #TEKten artificial plants across all prices ranges, with some tips & tricks along the way...


Artificial Plants ~ #TEKten


Bakker ~ Mirca Artificial Eucalyptus


This 120cm leafy beauty is an incredibly realistic artificial plant from Perch & Parrow.

[#TEKtip ~ Add a rattan basket to hide it's current pot, place it at the end of a desk or sofa and you wouldn't know the difference!]

Perch & Parrow ~ Fiddle Leaf Tree

Perch and Parrow.jpg


Blooming Artificial ~ Hanging Ficus Pumila

Ficus pumila [or creeping fig] is known for its pretty delicate green foliage that climbs anything and everything in sight. This brilliant replica will add height and colour to your space, without the need for ladders every time it needs to be watered!

Nordic House ~ Potted Succulent 

Small potted succulents are ideal for adding some life to your desk, coffee table or shelves.

[#TEKtrick ~ artificial succulents are one of the easiest types to look realistic due to them already appearing so perfect]


Nordic House.jpg

Audenza ~ Areca Palm Tree


Bringing the jungle indoors, without the up keep! The airy leaves on this palm would have you believing this beauty is real. Perfect for making a statement and adding height to a space.


Rose and Grey ~ Olive Tree


This one made us double take... this tree is a towering 160cm tall and designed to perfection. 

[#TEKtip ~ group your artificial plants with others (real or fake), it will deceive the eyes and take the attention away from any plastic or fabric textures]

Screenshot 2019-06-19 at 10.24.12.png

Maisons Du Monde ~ Paulownia Plant Wall 


Add a botanical feel to your walls with this twist on a plant wall. The best thing? Using artificial plants in places we otherwise couldn't reach ensures no one can get close enough to tell if they're real or fake!

Maisons Du Monde 2.jpg

Design Vintage ~ Abigail Ahern Weeping Willow


These beautiful stems by Design Vintage are part of the Abigail Ahern range and we cannot stop swooning. Fancy getting a bit more creative with your artificial plants? Find the perfect vase and use these stems to create a beautiful arrangement that won't wilt or die, wonderful for reception rooms or coffee tables to create a welcoming feel.

Screenshot 2019-06-19 at 10.47.00.png

Bakker ~ Mica Eucalyptus 


This hanging eucalyptus is a subtle yet effective way of adding greenery to a space. [#TEKtrick ~ for an easy and affordable way of making our faux plants look real, grab a terracotta pot and you could even sprinkle some real soil in there]


Cox and Cox ~ Potted Cactus


The power of the cactus just keeps getting stronger and they are a great addition to any space, especially kitchens or social areas. This faux cactus is presented in a  beautiful rustic terracotta effect pot with faux desert soil complete with pebbles. Plus you won't have to worry about the pricks on this one!

Pot 2.jpg


Bloom ~ Mixed Palm Planter

Make a seriously green statement on a table in your entrance space or on the floor against a plain wall with this mixed planter. We can spot ferns, palms and zebra plant in moss lined glass.

[#TEKtip ~ This is an investment! Your faux plants will never die and by investing in the right plant you will never have to fork out to replace]